Life happens

I am always telling everyone I meet to go with the flow, or follow their heart whenever they are facing something difficult. Well that is exactly what my family has been doing the past few months.

Life seems to keep throwing obstacles at us and it’s been a constant battle and one thing leads to the other. We’ve gone through the phase of being fearful and not knowing what’s going to come next, to just throwing our hands up and going with the flow!

I had some extremely toxic people in  my life and two years ago I cut the cords and let them go, but their actions keep following us. We kept fighting and since July we have lost 2 homes; first our travel  trailer because we were forced to sell it,  than evicted from our weekly because we were $50 short on  rent and I wasn’t getting my first paycheck for another 8 days! We were on  foot with the girls, pushing a stroller and pulling a wagon of our belongings when some strangers helped us, because none of the local resources would; not even a bus pass for us to get to a shelter! I had to re-home our kitties because of these circumstances, and losing them was devastating for me. I also lost my job because my husband is disabled and physically could not push the stroller and pull the wagon at the same time to get the girls around. I was also never able to get a hold of anyone at work to keep them updated of our situation, so I had to  let it go.

But I  have never given up and all  this time I have kept up  a 4.0 GPA in my masters program. When  I got my financial aid refund we used that to buy a car with a broken window and some other mechanical problems and left the strangers home. Then the car failed smog so we are unable to register it until we can get it repaired, but we do  have a temporary tag on it. We also stay at hotels when we can afford them and I  continue looking for work. I use my phone for internet and I do online surveys to afford diapers and wipes for the girls. We manage just fine and are still happy.

When life throws these obstacles at you, you really start to  understand what is important to you and what isn’t. I finally started going through my storage of belongings I  have been toting around with me all of my adult life (14 years). I started getting rid of things I know longer needed and sold enough of it to be able to afford 2 weeks of rent at a hotel! This is how we have to live for now with  an  eviction on our record. I thought about who I should blame, or who was I angry at the most for these chain of events, but then I took my own advice and found the opportunity!

Yes life is hard and it’s easy to  get mad and blame others, but it really isn’t a way to live. My family has an opportunity to start over again and that is exactly what we are doing. We are scraping by for now, but once again we are saving our money for an RV. Living in our last one for 2 years was when we were truly happy. Everything went downhill when  we tried to  become renters again, so now we are going to go back to what works. I finally found my purpose in life and am really focused on my future as an activist for our planet. This will also correspond nicely with my masters degree, so everything is finally lining up for me.

It’s amazing how things change with just a little adjustment in  your perspective. Our goals are to buy an RV and relocate across the country within the next year. We are tired of Las Vegas and know there are better opportunities in other places. The Government classify’s us as homeless, but we call it freedom!


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