Returning to the Light

Hello blog readers! I have been on quite the journey and I’m so excited to say that things are coming back into balance for me and finally back on track! I have been working really hard in a new job to provide for the basic needs of my family. It’s full time and offers benefits, which is super nice. Things are still tight financially, but only because we were able to afford a car, so we are no longer on foot! We are renting an apartment and rebuilding credit so that we may be able to get a house in the future.

I love this time of year, because it’s really a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. We never forget our past, but it’s important to keep going forward, and this time of year provides the perfect energy boost. I really took the time through fall and winter to reflect and get rid of things and emotions that no longer served me. I used that time to sit with my emotions and find the clarity I needed to get back on my path.

I am still working on my masters degree, and maintaining a 4.0 average. I am lucky that my husband is so supportive. With out him, it wouldn’t be possible to keep up with everything and keep striving for my goals. I haven’t forgotten my spiritual side though. It’s important to keep up a regular self-care routine no matter how busy life gets. I believe I have found the balance in both my spiritual, home, and professional life and all are fitting together nicely. I feel super lucky to have found a job with high ethics that align with my own, and great co-workers and supervisors who take the time to get to know me and not just treat me as another # to make their bottom line look good.

I would still love to help people through my own practice; eventually. But for now I think it’s more important to just share my own journey which is healing in itself. I know that I’m on the right path, and everything is coming together like it should. I am no longer dwelling in the dark, but appreciating the lessons from it, and stepping back into the light.


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